Board of Trustees for 2017 to 2018


The Board of Trustees of the society is constituted of the following seven (7) volunteer members:

  • Damian Walters (Ikhwane Wetland Science - KwaZulu-Natal).

  • Dean Ollis (Freshwater Consulting Group - Western Cape).

  • Denise Schael (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University - Eastern Cape).

  • Fiona Eggers (Ground Truth - KwaZulu-Natal).

  • Kate Snaddon - Chairperson (Freshwater Consulting Group - Western Cape).

  • Marc de Fontaine - Secretary (Rand Water - Gauteng).

  • Piet-Louis Grundling (Dept. Environmental Affairs - Gauteng).

In accordance with Clause 10.1.5 of the society's Constitution, the three (3) co-opted volunteer Board members are:

  • Gary Marneweck (Wetland Consulting Services - Gauteng).

  • Judith Taylor - Treasurer (EarthLife Africa - Gauteng).

  • Paul Fairall (Emifula - Gauteng).


The Society is a Voluntary Association (VA) in terms of the NSP Act and a Not for Profit Organisation (NPO). It was established at the Water Research Commission (WRC), Pretoria, South Africa on the 25th of May 2012.

Ordinary Members 306 | Student Members 23 | Organisation Members 12

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