To build and promote excellence, professionalism and ethics in the Wetland Community of Practice of South Africa




Board of Trustees for 2018 to 2020


The Board of Trustees of the society is constituted of the following seven (7) volunteer members:

  • Adam Teixeira-Leite (Eco-Pulse Consulting - KwaZulu-Natal).

  • Donovan Kotze (University of KZN - Western Cape).

  • Kathy Taggart (Jones & Wagenar - Gauteng).

  • Lulu Van Rooyen - Chairperson (University KZN - Western Cape).

  • Philip Frenzel (Freshwater Research Centre - Western Cape).

  • Shaddai Daniel-Harris (Dept. Water & Sanitation - Western Cape).

  • Tumisho Ngobela (Freshwater Consulting Group - Western Cape).

In accordance with Clause 10.1.5 of the society's Constitution, the three (3) co-opted volunteer Board members are:

  • Judith Taylor - Treasurer (EarthLife Africa - Gauteng).

  • Kate Snaddon - (Freshwater Consulting Group - Western Cape).

  • Marc de Fontaine - Secretary (Rand Water - Gauteng).


The Society is a Voluntary Association (VA) in terms of the NSP Act and a Not for Profit Organisation (NPO). It was established at the Water Research Commission (WRC), Pretoria, South Africa on the 25th of May 2012.

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