To build and promote excellence, professionalism and ethics in the Wetland Community of Practice of South Africa






The objectives of the society are:


(1) To promote standards and quality of wetland work through:

  • Professional development;

  • Progressive thinking through innovative research and development (including the creation of opportunities in the field);

  • Wide spectrum of involvement;

  • Collaboration with the various stakeholders;

  • Self-regulation; and

  • Accreditation by peer-review.


(2) To further the interest of members through:

  • Recommended professional fees;

  • Preferential opportunity;

  • Providing opportunities for continuous training development;

  • Giving opportunity to young people interested in the field through identification of career paths, internships, mentorships, transfer of skills and linkages with established role players or promotion and distribution of information; and

  • Setting standards and quality control.


(3) To contribute to transformation through:

  • Building a wetland community of practice that is representative of scientific and technical disciplines, race and gender demographics of South Africa; and

  • Striving towards ensuring representation of race and gender demographics of South Africa in the membership and management structures of the society.


(4) To create a society for:

  • Promoting interactions between various stakeholders involved in the wetland field of practice;

  • Encouraging best management practice in the wetland field;

  • Capacity building;

  • Promoting research through funding and partnership;

  • The distribution of information;

  • Quality control and peer review; and

  • Representing the interests of the entire South African wetland community.


The Society is a Voluntary Association (VA) in terms of the NSP Act and a Not for Profit Organisation (NPO). It was established at the Water Research Commission (WRC), Pretoria, South Africa on the 25th of May 2012.

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